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Dive into the quirky world of zines!

What is a zine?

A zine (pronounced zeen), is a small self-published book that is often photocopied for distrubution. Zines can tell a story, inform you about an issue, tell personal stories, be filled with writing and illustrations or just look cool.

Anyone can make a zine!

Zine Workshop for employees, Melbourne

This experimental 1.5 hour workshop is aimed at beginners wanting to get out of their comfort zone. Learn about zine-making and create your own zine using words or pictures on any subject you like.

This workshop promotes creative thinking, problem solving, story telling and conceptual exploration.


Let me bring the world of zines to your table for your next team activity!

To chat about your zine workshop email your enquiry to 

Workshop outline

•   Duration 1.5hrs

•   A quick history of zines 

•   Exploring zine themes and subjects

•   Planning your zine

•   Ways to self publish your zine

•   Concepts and prompts

•   Learn to make an 8 page zine in 2mins

•   Work on your own personal zine 

•   Present your zine to the group, if you wish

•   Zine templates to take home so you can start your zine collection


Paper, pens, pencils and other stationary is provided

Groups from 5-20 people  



What to bring

Just yourself and some fun ideas

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